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Gargrifera V-Dex No. 86 by TheCreationist
Gargrifera V-Dex No. 86
Giant sea kelp

Sea Forest Fakemon
Grass/ Rock
Primary Ability: Natural Cure
Secondary Abilities: Water Absorb/ Overgrow
Stage 1:  Evolves from Kelpsea

Chase encounters Tadpo! by TheCreationist
Chase encounters Tadpo!
Step Into Greenshadow by TheCreationist<<-- Previously <<<< Gallery >>

Chase fishes up a Tadpo from a pond just off the trail in Greenshadow.  Will Badgeom's grass-type moves be too powerful for it?  Luckily Tadpo is a Water/Grass type before it evolves.  A few good shots and one good ball toss and Chase adds a brand new member to his team.  Quite possibly his smallest member yet.

Mon Featured:

Sue's Cuttlish Cuttlish V-Dex No. 007 by TheCreationist 
Chase's Badgeom Badgeom V-Dex No. 1 by TheCreationist    Chase's new TadpoTadpo V-Dex No. 63 by TheCreationist

Hunter's Poofup
Poofup V-Dex No. 146 by TheCreationist
Step Into Greenshadow by TheCreationist
Step Into Greenshadow
ARC 2 "Journey to Baybreeze" begins!
Adventures in Veronne- Arc 2: Journey to Baybreeze by TheCreationist <<-- Previously <<<< Gallery >>> Next -->>AiV-Chase catches Tadpo by TheCreationist

In this latest piece from the Adventures in Veronne series:
Our trainers take their first steps into the deep and humid Greenshadow Rainforest on the long route to Baybreeze City.

Mon Featured:

Sue's Cuttlish Cuttlish V-Dex No. 007 by TheCreationist Sue's Cobolt Cobolt V-Dex No. 140 by TheCreationist
Chase's Eeglit Eeglit V-Dex No. 14 by TheCreationist Chase's Badgeom Badgeom V-Dex No. 1 by TheCreationist

Hunter's Poofup
<da:thumb id="183950984">
Look for new Adventures in Veronne art this week.  And hopefully another one next week as well.  Also, if you want updates on what I'm working on you can look to my Facebook Art page "Art of Kelson A. Obina".  I often post unfinished work that I'm not ready to officially post here, tumblr, or on my main website-

News Update- So Many Arts.

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 4, 2014, 12:16 PM

Hey guys!  I haven't been doing these journals in a while since I've been working on my website.  And a dozen different projects I've been trying to complete to post there. Check the site out if you have time.  I have a very detailed Veronne Dex with individual entries I'm setting up.  You'll get a lot more information on them.  I'll be continuing building that for a while.

Next up:  Animorphs.  As you guys know, that first chapter was completed last year.  And I do have plans for the second chapter.  That chapter features the brilliant introduction of Elfangor.  I will most likely start sketching roughs for the chapter as soon as I complete the Wicked-Musical comic project.  In the mean time you can view the whole first chapter of Animorphs here or as it is set up neatly on my website.
Animorphs Chapter. 1   Page 9 by TheCreationist

Speaking of the Wicked Musical Comic project, I apologize for having dropped it for a full month.  After this week I should have room open in my art schedule to pick it up again.  I estimate there to be about 6 pages left.  8 at the most-if I decide to do some fancy chorus splash page.  In the mean time you can view the first 4 pages here:
Wicked the Musical- What is this feeling? Page 1 by TheCreationistWicked the Musical- What is this feeling? Page 2 by TheCreationistWicked the Musical- What is this feeling? Page 3 by TheCreationistWicked the Musical- What is this feeling? Page 4 by TheCreationist

I've been working on some posters of my original characters from my Magimon story.  I'm working on the last one this week.
Eric and Arinov WIP by TheCreationistSuzie and Clouquin by TheCreationistToby and Cyclozin by TheCreationistKurt and Forrtrin by TheCreationistRachel and Crispin by TheCreationist

Amazing Spider-Man GA:
I've begun coloring some of my GA remake covers and character design posters.  I have 10 covers hand drawn/inked including Fantasy 15 and the first 3 covers digitally colored with the fourth on it's way.  Have a look see:
Amazing Fantasy 15 Remake GA by TheCreationistAmazing Spider-Man 1 Remake GA by TheCreationistAmazing Spider-Man 2 GA Remake by TheCreationistAmazing Spider-Man 3 GA Remake WIP by TheCreationist
And the new Vulture GA poster to go with ASM 2:

Vulture GA Poster by TheCreationist

Veronne Changes:
I don't remember if I mentioned this but  I am slowly going through all my Veronne monsters and changing up the abilities mechanic.  In Pokemon each  monster has one ability at birth, with a possible 3 choices.  In Veronne each monster has a Primary Ability that always is as well as one of 2 choices for a Secondary Ability.

Next Up, Veronne Art:
Most recent Veronne Meets:Larvant meets Sewaddle by TheCreationist Armant Vs. Swadloon by TheCreationist
and coming up next:Flamant-Empressant-and-Leavanny sketch by TheCreationist

Also I made posters for the fully evolved starters of the Veronne Region:
Savageshade poster by TheCreationistBariblaze Poster by TheCreationistCuthulhone Poster by TheCreationist

And Finally, Adventures in Veronne closes out on it's first arc.    I'll be taking a break for a while but rest assured, I will return with brand new artwork featuring the further adventures of our heroes in Arc 2: Journey to Baybreeze!  In the meanwhile, check below to see the latest Adventures in Veronne.  And let me know, who's your favorite trainer so far?


Here is a recap of some of the recent Adventures In Veronne thus far
Chase in the diner by TheCreationist Chase Encounters A New Rival- Hunter! by TheCreationistChase Vs Hunter by TheCreationistSue, Chase, and Hunter meet up by TheCreationistAdventures in Veronne- Arc 2: Journey to Baybreeze by TheCreationist




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K. Anthony Obina
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College student. In training to become a professional Illustrator.

Current Residence: Big Island. Hawaii
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Skin of choice: green . . . hehe
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic, Spidey, and Invader Zim
Personal Quote: Imagination is the only True Reality



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